Patio Fire Pit, Made to Sit and Enjoy


The Fuego Patio is a work of art in itself. The fire pit actually sits into the base of the unit where the glow from the air holes add character to the design.

The Fuego Patio was made to sit and enjoy and show off in your backyard. This beautiful fire pit is actually a stationary fire pit as it does not flat pack.

  • No nuts and bolts, no screws, nor any tools required for assembly.
  • Precisely plasma cut from high quality 3mm mild steel and 1.2mm aluminium base.
  • Multiple uses as a focal point as a fire pit, grill, bbq.
  • Aluminium panel acts as a tray to hold the fire pit.
  • Pull out panel for easy cleaning of ashes and soot to container below.
  • No painted surfaces on the fire pit therefore no toxic fumes nor peeling of coating.
  • Aluminium base unit has been painted in a high heat resistant paint so no toxic fumes nor peeling.
  • Firebox can incorporate any hardwood, lump wood, charcoal or even combination.
  • Easy maintenance with just a quick coat of oil or go patina.
  • Full stainless steel size grill (optional).
  • Aluminium lid as a base for easy soot clean up or on top for wind/rain control (optional).
  • Proudly Australian owned and manufactured.

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