The great Aussie “barbie”.  This is a huge tradition in the Australian culture and the Aussie’s have claimed this tradition as their own.  The Aussie BBQ is a great part of our society and is very much anticipated on holidays and weekends.  It is a time to invite family and friends over and share a meal.  It is a time of friendship and celebration.

The Fuego story is a story of family.  It is a project between father, Allen, and son, Ryan.  Allen is a Hardware Engineer and Ryan is a fully qualified Butcher.  This makes for a great combination to create this beautiful Fuego experience.

Comments had always been made to Allen, “C’mon Allen, let’s get a charcoal BBQ.  It would add so much flavour to our BBQing.”  Allen’s reply was always the same. “Nope.  I like my gas BBQ.  It’s quick and easy, cooks the food and is easy clean up.”

Finally relenting, Allen thought he would give it a try and went out and bought the cheapest charcoal BBQ available on the market.  Allen thought it would be a breeze and invited family members to a Saturday night feast for his initial cook off.  Getting the charcoal started and keeping it hot was another fete in itself.  In the end, the charcoal failed and the pork and chicken roasts had to be cooked in the oven along with the other food.  It was not such a successful evening.

This determination brought Allen to the forefront and he started looking at and designing a grill(s) that he could be proud of.  With the help of his son, Ryan, they have designed and built a few fire pit/grill(s) that are most impressive and beautiful to look at.

Just one last thing, says Allen, “the food from our wood fire grills have never tasted soooo good.”

“Life tastes better with a Fuego.”