Welcome to Fuego Fire Pits

Fuego, translated from Spanish, means “Fire”. Now who doesn’t like to sit around an open fire? Sitting around a fire pit or campfire can be a most pleasurable and social experience in life. We love the ambience from the glow of the flames and the warmth the fire creates. We love the smell of the burning wood and the taste and flavour that comes from cooking on an open flame. After all, fire is the first form of primal cooking; it is the fire and smoke that flavour the food.

The firebox of any of these products can incorporate any hardwood, lump wood and even charcoal. The preference for ease of use and flavour or even a combination, is yours. Smoke is a natural bug repellent but throw in a bundle of sage, citronella or lavender and other than smelling nice, the smoke becomes a more pleasant and effective mozzie repellent. For that extra touch, toss in a cinnamon stick, some citrus peel or sprigs of rosemary for that extra aroma.

Australia has the perfect climate for cooking outdoors all year round. Fuego looks awesome and is a focal point for camping and a gathering round for outdoor entertaining. Fuego is a celebration of family and friends.